Sympathy Flowers

When sorrow arrives, words may not be enough. Flowers are a beautiful and respectful way to remember those in sorrow and to show compassion towards them. We here at Interflora will help you in sending your condolences with flowers. Order sympathy flowers online from Interflora webstore.

Sympathy flowers with delivery

Sympathy flowers are sent to the close one’s home after the sorrowful news have arrived. They deliver your condolences to the close relatives of the departed in a form of a bouquet or an arrangement. Bouquets can be placed in a vase and arrangements are delivered with a suitable one.

Colors are often a calm and subdued combination of white and green or blue and white. Also, purple and soft pastel colors are common in condolence flowers. Our selection of sympathy flowers can be found when selecting the ‘sympathy’ from the ‘occasion’ on our catalog page.

Condolence message

When sending sympathy flowers, a card is included with them where you can write a beautiful message with your condolences in it. You may also use a ‘card of condolence’ when sending your sympathy to the relative of the departed. More on cards of condolence later.

All flower deliveries made by Interflora include a blank white card with a card text of your choice. You may also choose to buy a two-part card with a picture or a card of condolence. Available pictures in cards and cards of condolence vary between florists so they will choose one which they deem most suitable for the occasion. When making your order you may also wish for a certain type of picture or theme in the section: ‘special wishes for the delivery’. Our florist will fulfill your requests as closely as they can.

The card may have a short memorial poem or a simple and short condolence message. Here are a few examples of condolence messages:

  • Please accept my/our deepest sympathy.

    names of the senders

  • Sharing in your sorrow

    names of the senders

  • We greatly sympathize with you and your family

    names of the senders

  • Honoring the memory of [name], you have our condolences

    names of the senders

Card of condolence

A card of condolence is used as a sign of respect towards the departed and to imply sympathy towards their close relatives. This is mainly a Finnish tradition and is not traditionally used many other countries.

This card is sent with sympathy flowers to close relatives of the departed after the news of the passing have arrived. It can also be sent after the funeral if you hear of the departure afterwards. You may also send a card of condolence to a funeral with flowers.

In our online store you may add a card of condolence to your order in the ‘add to your delivery’ section which is the second step of ordering after choosing the flowers. It consists of a picture cover, inner pages and a ribbon. The right-side page of the inner pages includes the name of the departed, a small memorial text and names of the senders. The left side has a place for an optional memorial poem or verse. Some addresses have preprinted memorial poems or verses. It’s common to use the full name of the departed, but if they were a close relative or friend, you may use only their first name. Cards of condolence have predefined places for the name of the departed, names of the sender and the memorial verses. Here is an example:

  • [Name of the departed]

    In honor of their memory, etc

    With our deepest sympathy, etc

    names of the senders

Please note that these preset positions might not work perfectly in English as they’re designed to work with traditional Finnish remembrance verses.

Some cards of condolence have preprinted memorial verses so when you order one without giving a separate memorial verse or poem, our florist will choose a card of condolence with a preprinted memorial poem. Our online store has text fields for all these different verses so you can easily write your last farewell to the departed.

Questions? Our customer service will help you

You can contact our chat for help during the week from 8.30-16.00 from Monday to Friday. Outside these hours you may leave us a contact request.

You can order here. Choose the ‘Sympathy’ category from the ‘Occasion’ menu and you see our recommendations for sympathy bouquets.

Memorial verses and poems

If you want to use a Finnish memorial poem, please go to the Finnish version of this page HERE. You can use a translator to get a rough idea what they say.

Below are a few English poems and verses.

Sadly missed along life’s way,

quietly remembered every day.

No longer in our life to share,

but in our hearts, you’re always there.

- Anonymous

Love doesn't end with dying

Or leave with the last breath.

For someone you've loved deeply,

Love doesn't end with death.

- John Addey

Heavenly Father hear my prayer,

Guide our Father with tender care,

Dear shepherd don't leave him alone,

Love him in heaven, as we do at home.

- Anonymous

As you carry your burden of grief

I feel for you today

I know the sadness of grief in your heart

But in time it will fade away

- Hilda Mullinger

Now your loved one is at peace

For (him/her) a pain free release

Do not cry now that you are apart

Keep their love safe within your heart

- Hilda Mullinger

Don't break your heart for me,

I'm really not far away.

And although you cannot see,

I'm with you, every day.

- Helen Howell

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