Christmas and New Year’s Deliveries 2022

Christmas and New Year’s 2022 Deliveries and Deadlines for Orders

Friday 23.12. the deadline for orders is mainly 2 p.m. Some flower shops take orders until 4 p.m. and some until 12 noon.

Christmas Eve 24.12. flowers will be delivered to most locations and the deadline for orders is 11 a.m.

25.-26.12. flowers will not be delivered

New Year’s Eve 31.12. flowers will be delivered to most locations and the deadline for orders is 11 a.m.

Our web shop informs you on which days the delivery is available for the selected region as you fill in the order information. If you are not able to select the date, then delivery is not possible for that day. Our chat bot Flora also answers questions regarding delivery times.

As Christmas days are the busiest of the year, we cannot guarantee exact delivery times. Interflora's flower deliveries will be delivered according to the terms of delivery between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Christmas Flower Deliveries Abroad

Be sure to order Christmas flowers abroad at the latest on Tuesday 21.12. at 11 a.m. Finnish time. For orders going to Norway, the last order date is Sunday 19.12. For orders coming after this, local florists will do their best to get the deliveries made in time before Christmas. It is important to have the recipient's phone number in the order for the delivery to be successful.

Note! Individual country-specific exceptions are possible.

Christmas Flowers to Companies

Flower greetings delivered to companies (working during normal office hours) must be ordered at the latest on 19.12. by 11 a.m. Please note that Christmas days are popular holidays so make sure that the recipient of your greeting is still at work at the office and not remote working or already on holiday.

Gift Cards

Gift cards must be ordered at the latest on Sunday 18.12.2022. Please note that the delivery date of the order form is the mailing date. The delivery time of gift cards therefore depends on the delivery times of finnish Posti postal company.

New Year's Greetings to Finland

When you order a flower delivery on New Year's Eve 31.12. by 11 a.m., New Year's greetings will still be delivered to almost all of Interflora's delivery area in Finland. If you are sending a holiday greeting to a business address, please note that these days are popular holidays. We recommend that you make sure in advance that the recipient of your greeting is at work on that day.

New Year's Greetings to Abroad

The Interflora service is global, and New Year's floral greetings are also delivered to approximately 140 countries in addition to Finland. Be sure to order New Year's flowers abroad at the latest on Friday December 30th by 12 noon. Not all countries have deliveries on 31.12.

Note! Individual country-specific and location-specific exceptions are possible, and in some countries deliveries may be completely closed during the holidays.

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