Additional Products

When sending flowers, you can also choose to send different kinds of additional products along with your greetings.


Send lovely chocolates with birthday flowers or add a suitable vase for the bouquet. A cuddly teddy bear is great for celebrating a new baby. Funeral flowers can be sent with typed ribbons and a card of condolence may be added to sympathy flowers.

While ordering flowers these products will come up on their own page after you have chosen the flowers you want to send and added them to your shopping basket and continued the order.


Our new, wonderful luxury Cocoture box of chocolates contains nine delicious chocolate treats. This beautiful box tied with a bow is perfect as a gift or for treating yourself. Weight of chocolates 90g.

Price 13€

Chocolate Heart

A fine assortment of chocolates in a red heart-shaped metal box. The box conceals beautiful and delicious chocolates within. Suits well for treating your loved ones. Weight of chocolates 70-90g. The design and appearance of the chocolates varies.

Price 9€

Champagne Truffles

A delicious assortment of Belgian champagne truffles. The package contains 95-100g. Note! The truffles may contain peanuts and other allergens. The champagne truffles are also available decorated with flowers, order them either with white or white-pink flowers.

Price 12€

Teddy Bear

A light brown 13cm tall fuzzy bear with a cute bowtie. Suits well with baby flowers for boys and girls but will also bring a wide smile to older recipients as well.

Price 10€


With a beautiful bouquet you may order a beautiful vase. This is a great choice if you are unsure if the recipient has a suitable vase for the flowers you are sending. Vases differ between florists and the delivered vase is picked based on how it fits the shape of the bouquet. The florist will choose a suitable vase for high, low, etc. bouquets.

Price 15€

Protective Pot

You may choose a protective pot for a potted plant or flower. The selection of pots varies between florists. The florist will choose a suitable pot for the chosen product.

Price 15€

Card of condolence

A traditional card of condolence (approximately A4 -size) is sent to the family of the deceased after the sorrowful news have arrived. The card can also be sent to a funeral service with flowers where it will be read aloud if you are unable to take part in the funeral. You may order the card of condolence when you choose flowers from the Funeral or Sympathy categories. All florists have cards of condolences, but selection varies between stores and models will differ slightly. The florist will choose a card that suits the flowers and the occasion most. Therefore we only have a picture of a blank card in our webshop. If you have wishes on which kind of card of condolence you would prefer, please write the wishes on the ‘special wishes for the delivery’ -section and our florist will try to fulfill your wishes as well as possible. Card of condolence can only be sent with flowers.

Price 25€

Funeral spray ribbons

Typed ribbons for a funeral bouquet, spray or wreath. You may choose ribbons when you choose flowers from the Funeral -category. There are two ribbons, the first one is for the memorial words and the second one is for the senders names. With funeral bouquets a slightly narrower ribbon is used. Ribbons are available in single and multicolor options. Common color choices are blue- white, blue-yellow and red-black. The color of the ribbon is based on the flowers so that the entire package is as harmonic as it can be. You may write a wish for the ribbon color in the ‘special wishes for the delivery’ -section. Send a beautiful farewell to your loved one.

Price 25€

Changes in delivery

If the additional product you have chosen can't be delivered to the area in your order, Interflora customer service will contact you via email. We can replace the product with another, return the value to your account or we can add the value of the additional product to the value of the flowers.

You can order additional products after you have chosen flowers. Order here.