Privacy policy

Interflora-Suomi r.y. and Interflora-Myynti Oy privacy policy

Register holder

Interflora-Suomi r.y.

Interflora-Myynti Oy (Affiliated company)

Business ID 0109243-7

P.O. Box 3

00441 Helsinki

Phone 0102176320

Contact details

Katja Teikari

Phone: 0102176320


What is your information used for?

Delivering ordered products and executing ordered services and billing

  • First and last name and address for delivering ordered products
  • Phone number: we contact the customer or the recipient via phone if the successful delivery of products or executing services requires it
  • Email address: we send order confirmations and receipts via email and we contact the customer via email in matters concerning the delivery or execution of the order
  • Business name, business ID and billing address: used for billing for business customers

NOTICE! To deliver ordered products and execute services, necessary information may be given to Interflora florists which are located outside of Europe.

Marketing communications ja customer relations

  • Email address given to the newsletter list: those who have ordered the newsletter via the newsletter order form and those who gave their active consent for sending the newsletter will be sent marketing materials and offers 4-8 times a month. You may cancel the newsletter whenever you wish, and the cancelation link is in every newsletter sent.
  • web page’s usability and content’s improvement and targeted marketing

Disclosure of information outside the EU and ETA

While managing your personal information we may use service providers who have access to your personal information outside of EU/ETA, like the United States. We ensure the proper and lawful execution of transfers in accordance with the legislation on the processing of personal data.

Information in the register may be used in web shop’s own registers for marketing targeting without disclosing personal information to third parties. web shop has the right to publish information from the customer register as a digital or written list unless the customer specially forbids it. The list means for example mailing stamps for direct marketing. Customer has the right to forbid the publishing of this information by notifying web shop’s customer service via email at or the register holder.

Disclosure of information

The information won’t be given to third parties outside of aforementioned uses. Use of the register requires access to web stores internal network. The register is located on web store’s password protected server.

Register protection and personal information retention period

We respect the confidentiality of personal information. Register is protected using firewalls, passwords and other technical solutions and held in a protected database to which only Interflora-Finland rf staff and authorized personnel have access to. Manual data is kept in locked space and only authorized personnel have access to it. Outdated or unnecessary information is disposed of accordingly. We keep personal data only as long it is necessary for the described use cases. Aforementioned information may be kept for longer if accounting laws or other laws mandate it.

The register’s information may be used within web store’s own registers for targeted marketing without disclosing the information to third parties. web store has the right to publish the information in the customer register as a digital or physical list unless the customer explicitly forbids it. The list means for example mailing stickers for direct marketing. Customer has the right to forbid the publishing of their information by informing the web store’s customer service via email to or to the register holder.

Rights of the registered person

The registered has the right forbid the use of their information for direct marketing at any given time. Every email sent by Interflora has a link from which you may cancel the newsletter. In addition, the registered has the right to:

  • get information on the handling of their personal data
  • inspect the personal data gathered of them
  • require correction of incorrect or faulty personal data
  • object to the processing of your personal data in so far as the processing of personal data is based on the consent of the data subject
  • withdraw your consent and object to the processing of your personal data in so far as the processing of personal data is based on the legitimate interest of Interflora
  • obtain your personal data in a formatted form and transfer this information to another register holder
  • demand to limit the use of their personal data. Interflora may ask the registered to be more exact with their request and to confirm their identity before handling the request. Interflora may decline the demand based on corresponding laws.

The registered has the right the make a complaint to the corresponding regulatory official or it’s EU member states regulatory official where the register’s workplace or home resides if the registered deems that Interflora hasn’t handled their personal information according to privacy laws.

The registered must send the requests concerning their rights in written form to one of the following:

by mail:

Interflora-Suomi r.y.

Inspection/other request concerning personal information / Katja Teikari

PL 3

00441 Helsinki

or by email:

Interflora-Suomi r.y. responds to these requests within 1 month of sending the request unless there is a specific reason to extend the response time.

Changes to privacy policy

We thrive to constantly develop our services and therefore we hold the right to change our privacy policy. We notify of any changes on this page.

Information about cookies web page uses ’cookies’. Cookies are small text files which are saved on the user’s computer on the web page you visit. With cookies we can for example:

  • gain information how visitors interact with our web page
  • save shopping basket information
  • enables different services and functions on the web page

What kind of cookies do we use?

We use cookies for three purposes: network analysis, marketing, customer experience improvements and the usability of our web page.

In some of web pages functions, like in the order form, we use session cookies. This means that your information is temporarily saved if you have filled the information on one page and then return to a previous page. This prevents the need for you to refill all the information again when moving between pages. Session cookies are not stored on your computer and they disappear after you close your browser.

Interflora uses Google analytics from Google for network analysis. It helps us for example to get information on how visitors interact with web page. Information from cookies is used for internal network analysis.

How to remove cookies?

If you do not want to allow the use of cookies on web page in the aforementioned way, you can change your browser settings so that cookies are not saved on your computer. Though it should be noted that some features on the web page may not work properly if use of cookies is not allowed. Cookies are meant to make the use of our services easier for the visitor and to help us improve our services. If you use our web page without changing any settings, we assume that you have approved the use of cookies.

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